Why You are STILL an Intermediate English Speaker…

➡ Do you feel like your English isn’t going anywhere?


➡ Have you tried to improve but can’t find progress?

➡ Do you need English for work but feel like you aren’t good enough?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these you’re on the ‘Intermediate Plateau.’

Don’t worry it’s a normal place to be… But that doesn’t mean we should stay there.

Business English users especially need to show confidence and skill.


Progress = confidence

No progress = no confidence

A Natural Part of Learning

The ‘Intermediate Plateau’ is just a part of learning. A reaction to the reality of not being a beginner.

Things Need To Move

When our progress stops we think there is something wrong with us. The truth is our methods are bad.

Grow Confidence

Learning like a beginner stops progress. And we need progress to become confident.

“I’ll take a General English Course and then everything will be fine!”

Let me tell you why this is a bad idea…

The Lessons Don’t Work!

Research shows that traditional methods are bad for learning. Do you want out-of-date learning? Traditional courses rely on old methods like grammar exercises, textbooks, and teacher correction that do not work.[1] [2] [3] [4] Business English users are busy people and they don’t have years and years to master the 21st Century’s most important soft skill: communication.

They are a Bad Investment

Long courses with traditional providers are false economy. You think you are getting value but that’s not true! The most famous provider’s cheapest online subscription package comes with 5 credits for 88USD and a 25min individual class costs 2 credits = 70USD per 50-minute class of classroom learning!!!

They Make You Dependent

In a classroom, you will learn to depend on a teacher for progress. That’s the business model! You’re buying the illusion of progress. You aren’t buying what you need, you’re buying theory. You’ll make progress but slowly. Just enough that you keep coming back. You’re buying a comfortable dependence on courses.

“I’ll give you the answer, right now. The IO Method…”

Let’s Get To Work With the IO Method

The IO Method takes a lot of different scientifically verified approaches [1] [2] [3][4] Focusing on what’s important for you as a learner means that there is no wasted time, you will be much more interested and most importantly we will create habits that you are responsible for. This means we create better communication using real resources, which will allow you to keep working for yourself until you get where you want to be. No language schools, no relying on ‘teachers,’ no textbooks. Just progress!

By the time I’m finished with you, you will:

➡ Be dealing only with native resources

➡ Have spent two months in English Immersion during our work and received a ton of Input

➡ Been completely unable to avoid output, meaning you feel more confident when speaking

➡ Designed and completed a ‘Language Epic’ or two, ready to create more for your new habits

➡ Understood the reality of the ‘Language Plateau!’

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About Me And My Work

William Cooke: IO Method Coach and Author of The Language Plateau for Intermediate Language Learners

“William Cooke is a certified coach and English teacher and a published poet and essayist. His love of words and language inspired him to create this unique programme to share his expertise and improve communication for aspiring leaders. A native of Cambridge, England he is an expert in intercultural communications from his experience living in 11 countries. He has studied both Philosophy and Psychology at university level as well as Solution-Focused Coaching with the inimitable Kirsten Dierolf of Solutions Academy

His passion for the English language through his poetry and writing and his deep desire to help others from various cultures created his coaching practice, his love of psychology created this particular programme. Everything that will be covered comes from a position of deep love for the English language and linguistics. When not working on ‘English communication for Team leaders’ or his writing you can find him enjoying wines, walking, and people-watching in cities around the world.”

You can read more about my writing and other coaching work here

Kind Words From Clients


Digital Marketer / Czechia

I have known William for more than a year now and I can highly recommend his work. William’s approach is quite different from any other I have come to because of a simple reason, he tailors his coaching exactly to your needs. He has helped me very much and still continues to do so. Do not hesitate to contact him.


Digital Marketer / Slovakia

Our coaching helped me to design my website, get clarity and communicate better. I feel more confident, especially, when I communicate with my clients. I am currently launching my business as a digital marketer and virtual assistant. The coaching helped with that so I can recommend William very highly!


Programmer / Slovakia

William is one of my English trainers, who helps me improve my language skills. He surprises me all the time with new and playful teaching methods and games, which make our classes funny. Classes with him feel like a chat with a childhood friend, I don’t even notice that I am learning the language.


Team Leader / Poland

I strongly recommend William as a teacher. Sessions are always interesting and valuable. The price is reasonable. William is always well prepared and follows my expectations.

I’m not sure what’s the best

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