Language Learners are Beating The Language Plateau With This Definitive Book

If you are working just as hard in your target language as when you started but aren't seeing any results, you might be stuck on the Language Pleateau. Learn more about how to skyrocket your language confidence as an intermediate learner with...

A Mystery Problem

Find out why you've stopped improving and why this is normal for most language learners

Get Organised

Start creating a plan to climb again. Because a simple plan makes easy work!

Become a Powerful Learner

Stop relying on courses by empowering yourself to become a smart language learner.

Feel Great

Start making progress on your journey to being an awesome communicator!

"Language learning changes at the intermediate level but methods never do!"

Learn More About The Language Plateau with Coaching Educator, Author and Language Learner William Cooke

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Learn More About The Language Plateau with Coaching Educator, Author and Language Learner William Cooke

The dreaded Language Plateau is a place that no learner wants to end up but so many of us do. In fact, it's a natural part of becoming an intermediate learner in English or any other foreign language. But just because it's natural doesn't mean we need to stay there!

This book takes a deep dive into the psychology of language learning, the real reasons why this difficult point exists, and the best ways to get past it.

No one wants to stop making progress after all their hard work learning a language, so this guide will help you to understand the problem, make a plan and start climbing your way to great communication. Take control of your own language learning and empower yourself to leave the Language Plateau with me by your side. As a language educator, I'm going to teach you some great knowledge about learning so you can start making progress again. Exactly the kind of knowledge that corporate schools and textbooks don't teach you (because they want you to keep coming back for years!)

About The Author

William Cooke: IO Method Coach and Author of The Language Plateau for Intermediate Language Learners

“William Cooke is a certified coach and English teacher and a published poet and essayist. His love of words and language inspired him to create this unique programme to share his expertise and improve communication for aspiring leaders. A native of Cambridge, England he is an expert in intercultural communications from his experience living in 11 countries. He has studied both Philosophy and Psychology at university level as well as Solution-Focused Coaching with the inimitable Kirsten Dierolf of Solutions Academy

His passion for the English language through his poetry and writing and his deep desire to help others from various cultures created his coaching practice, his love of psychology created this particular programme. Everything that will be covered comes from a position of deep love for the English language and linguistics. When not working on ‘English communication for Team leaders’ or his writing you can find him enjoying wines, walking, and people-watching in cities around the world.”

You can read more about my writing and other coaching work here

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